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A bubble soccer ball refers to an inflatable ball that is commonly used when playing bubble football.

A bubble soccer ball refers to an inflatable ball that is commonly used when playing bubble football. This refers to teams of players lining up against each other like the familiar football teams where they use legs to kick a ball. But unlike football where you are free, bubble football involves playing a soccer ball while carrying a round inflatable ball over your head, shoulders, arms, stomach, and waist up to the knees. As if this is not enough; the inflatable ball is accompanied with a very strong contact game as players jump over, knock, and push their opponents to win the game; by scoring more goals.
Although it is a contact game, the participants are exceedingly safe because the bubble soccer is inflated with air that makes it solid and round, thus simply bounces off an opponent’s bubble. This usually results in the relatively weaker or both opponents falling to the ground, from where they rotate as they laugh insanely. Unlike other inflatables, a bubble ball is designed for both indoor and outdoor playing sites which include tennis courts, basketball courts, soccer pitches, open grassy fields, backyards, and parks, among others. It is also a good supplement to wedding ceremonies, birthday celebrations, festivals, camping sites, get-together parties, anniversaries, corporate meetings & functions, and carnivals, among others.
Furthermore, this inflatable can be used by both children and adults above 10 years old. And those below 18 years are required to have waiver agreements signed by their parents or guardians or caretakers, authorizing them to use the bubble. On the other hand; participants get to exercise their bodies fully, which increases the body’s metabolic rate. This additionally leads to sweating which evacuates toxics out of the body. It further improves the participant’s physical fitness, blood circulation, and relieves stress. This ball can also be used in shopping plazas and malls to display products and services for sell and hire respectively.