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Bubble soccer refers to a spherical inflatable that is filled with air around a person’s head up to the knees

All the upper body parts are covered except the legs. This usually occurs when individuals want to play soccer, which is why this sport is called bubble soccer. Unlike other sports, bubble soccer is just like a fight among bubbled individuals. This is because the players jump over and knock their opponents with their bubbles. This leads to players falling and evolving on the ground without the bubble bursting, but instead smiling & laughing. This happens automatically because no player escapes smiling or laughing.
This bubble ball has proved to be reliable as it can be used on indoor and outdoor playing facilities. For example tennis & basketball courts, recreation centers, football pitches, backyards, parks, gyms, and open fields. These facilities usually constitute grass, carpets, turf, and gym surfaces. And they should be well demarcated to ensure a free & fair game for the two opposing teams. The facilities should thoroughly be cleaned before the game to avoid bubble accidents. This amazing bubble can also be used to add more fun to carnivals, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, festivals, reunions, corporate events, and community events, among many others.
Meanwhile, bubble balls are designed for both kids and grown-ups above 10 years old, with 4’8 to 6’4 ft, and less than 240 lbs. Nevertheless, anyone out of range should first seek for permission from trained personnel or organizers before playing. This could even require a doctor’s perspective. The other restricted group is that with medical conditions like severe claustrophobia, dizziness, respiratory complications, nausea, pregnancy and those under the power of ALCOHOL & DRUGS. On the other hand, this sport is helpful in improving the development of children through interacting with other kids and adults while playing. This further improves their confidence and enables them to make friends.