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  • Is there a age limit?

We suggest kids over five yeas old can play bubble soccer

  • What is the bubble soccer rule?

There is no official rule right now. But, there are 2 things you can’t do. 1:two people get in one bubble suits.2 bring sharp stuff to play game.

  • What is the bubble ball size?

We have 3 different size to fit all type of customers.
S  : 1.2M 1M  (  4′ Dia 3.3′ )
M:1.5M 1.3M  (5′ Dia 4.3′ )
L : 1.7M 1.5M  (5.6′ Dia 5′ )

  • Can we add any logo on it?

Remember there will be no additional cost for adding logo.

  • Is bubble soccer dangerous?

We have to admit that all sports are likely to cause an injury. If you correctly use the bubble suits, 99% we guarantee it is safe to play the bubble soccer.

  • Can we cancel the order?

All sales are final. After we receive your payment, there will be no chance to cancel it.

  • Girls and boys can play with bubble football? 

Yes, there is no gender provisions bubble football can be Mixed Race Oh!

  • How long a time bubble football? 

Bubble football field every 30 minutes (1.5 minutes dress, two minutes to clean, 25 minutes competition time, 1.5 minutes facelift)

  • What should I wear to play bubble soccer? 

Please wear sneakers in general (not necessarily wear soccer shoes) and comfortable sports clothes (girls do not wear skirts to play in order to avoid emptied Oh!)

  • Is bubble football safe? 

Yes, this is one of the safest fitness and leisure activities in the world, because your body are almost two-thirds of the balloon bubble wrap, will minimize the risk of possible movement. However, each person must sign before playing Risk Disclaimer consent.

  • Are there height and weight restrictions?

Height limit is 198 cm, weight limit is 95 kg.

  • Can i drink while playing it? 

No, before you play and the game in progress can not drink.

  • Can you eat anything before playing ? 

You can, it is recommended not to eat too much before playing 30 minutes ago, so as not to cause discomfort when the bubble ball rolling.

  • Will the opening date and time bubble football? 

Please subscribe Bubble football official website newsletter to get the latest information sessions.

  • Can I hire bubble football equipment or ask you planning activities? 

Yes, please send your request here.

  • Bubble football will be held? 

Bubble football no fixed location, date and place and time will be screening in the official website and fan page announced, we will organize football activities Bubble major cities and counties in Taiwan, do not forget to subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest information Oh screenings !

  • To help clean up after the game bubble ball? 

In order to allow the next user also has a clean bubble ball can be used to finish off the player after use with water and rubbing alcohol and paper towels to clean up the center of the bubble ball and we provide some physical contact (outside the bubble ball does not need Oh!), this little trick takes only a short one minute, thank you for your cooperation!

  • Can we wear glasses for playing ? 

Recommend contact lenses to play to play, like other recreational facilities, the chances of people inside the ball rolling in a big bubble, it may cause the glasses off, damage, wear glasses if you still insist on playing with friends, the consequences to bear Oh. See examiner net game special provisions.