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Bubble Soccer | Best Popular Game In Canada

For anyone who would like to feel like a kid again when playing soccer the bubble soccer suits are highly recommended for you. So what are these bubble soccer equipment?
Well bubble soccer is soccer basically. The only twist is that the players have to wear an inflatable ball, or a bubble and have only the lower parts of their bodies sticking out. The players push each other during soccer time but the rules of soccer do not change. Sounds fun?

This product has gathered a lot of popularity in many countries to the extent of being turned into actual competitions. The bubble soccer equipment was initially meant for a number of people including;
1. Children’s birthday parties. These bubble soccer suits and bubble soccer balls would allow the kids to run and crush into each other without their parents worrying about physical injury.
2. Orientation for freshmen in Universities and Colleges. Bubble soccer equipment would be used to familiarize people and help them get close in the shortest time possible.
3. For companies’ team building. During retreats and company sports days, most companies would use the bubble soccer equipment to teach colleagues about team work, solidarity and cooperation.
4. In sports clubs. Anyone interested in having harmless fun and breaking a sweat would go down to the sports club, strap on a suit and chase the bubble soccer ball.

People who have used the bubble soccer suits have one thing in common. All of them can attest that they have had the most ridiculously fun playing the bubble soccer ball. You are able to feel like an indestructible kid once again. Irregardless of your physique, once you crashed into another player would bring so much joy and you would laugh your head off. So basically in this bubble soccer suit, it is safe to say you would be having the time of your life.
The bubble soccer ball is very convenient in that however long you use it and how rough you may be with it, this ball does not get holes or ruin. They seem indestructible. You can also use them in the mud and stay guaranteed that the ball will still be in its great condition after the use.

Even though these products are all fun and games (literally), there are a couple of reasons why this product fails.
1. Price. The bubble soccer equipment is sold in kits that range from about $1500 to just under $10000. This means that a father who wants to offer this equipment for their child’s birthday party would have to dig a little deeper into their pockets. One bubble soccer ball costs up to around $300 which is a unfathomably high amount to most people.
2. They are not very comfortable to be in but then again, this helps to ease the fall when you knock into someone else on the game.

All said, this product is amazing. The pros outweigh the cons and far from that, the experience that one may get from playing with the bubble soccer suit is like no other. Therefore this equipment is highly recommended to anyone who wishes to have a great deal of fun while playing soccer.