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Bubble Soccer is a combination of soccer, dodge ball and zorbing.

Bubble Soccer is a combination of soccer, dodge ball and zorbing. Zorbing is a sport which involves rolling down the hill sides or a level surface while inside a giant plastic orb. The plastic orb used in zorbing is similar to the inflatable bubble ball worn by players in bubble soccer. The only difference is that the legs are left out in bubble soccer so as to support the player while running and kicking the soccer ball. But both games involve bouncing and rolling down.
In Bubble Soccer, players’ hands are fixed inside the bubble requiring them to maintain balance using their legs. Whereas leaping ability and stress levels are the two most relevant variables in this game, mobilityis sacrificed. The objective is to score in your opponent’s net and knock each other about as you try.
Who shouldn’t play Bubble Soccer?
• Anyone who suffers from vertigo, claustrophobia or has a medical condition that restricts exercise.
• Anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol will NOT be permitted to play.
Who should play?
• Anyone 4’8” – 6’2” tall.
• Children should play with similar age group.
According to the rules and regulations that govern bubble soccer, all players are instructed to play fair and safely. Therefore no cleats, jewellery or any sharp objects are allowed on the playing fields.
Caution: It has been noticed that the coach and players sitting on the bench are in the greatest danger if at all an active player accidentally stream rolls the sidelines.
Why Bubble Soccer:
• You will experience a game out of the ordinary, laughter and fun are guaranteed, it requires no special skills, and you will work out your body.
Both indoors and outdoors make great playing areas for bubble soccer. Basket ball courts, large auditoriums, tennis courts, gyms or any open fields without rocks and sticks will work great for your family, friends, meetings, party and celebration reunions and get-togethers