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The Bubble Soccer World Cup Game In Canada

The FIFA World Cup in Canada, a football fanatic. Popular in foreign countries for many years of the bubble football (Bubble Soccer), has recently entered the local “football”. Players put on aerate giant plastic bubble, puffy, collide with each other, the ball doesn’t kick, has fallen as rolling gourd, provoked the audience uproarious. The young entrepreneur Yao Zhibin is committed to the promotion of this activity, hoping to increase the positive energy of society, let ferial the tension of life of Canada people to relax, make the entertainment in sports.
The referee whistle, athletes before pounding, like bumper cars like crashed into opponents, the ball shot. The player’s head and upper body are wrapped in bubble inflated, elastic, one center of gravity will immediately fall, like bowling like roll. The audience on the sidelines while inflation, while watching the laughing. To be the player managed to stand up again, the ball is in the net, the opponent gets a point!

Foreign rise transfer positive energy
Football is funny and exciting bubble a few years ago, the rise in foreign countries. Yao Zhibin at the beginning of this year through the working holiday scheme to Australia, the initial contact has fascinated, determined to introduce Canada, hope to the people of Hong Kong transfer positive energy. “Canada people do what are very serious, a pair of combat. I hope the bubble football can make them relax, exercise can also be more laughter. ”
He felt that this thing is not only interesting, but also can train the courage. “Some game player just when he will feel uneasy, afraid to fall to hurt bones. But they could fall down and stand up again, and become more courageous, confident attack. “For the beginner novice, the most important thing is not afraid of setbacks and challenges, must be refreshed after a fall.
The rules of custom hit the music
In the game, players often bumped to 360 degree rotation, petite lady not to mention. A young girl to hit to roll on the ground, but still happiness within. “I may be too light, hit me just turn over the past, there is a feeling like god. Put on the inflatable bubble, not to see the ball, but always want to tell others hit, fun. ”
One day, an international school staff participating, hoped that the spare time of decompression, build friendships with colleagues. Although they sweat, feel this game is “cool”, can be put into the opponent a good. A contestant jokingly said, see the boss down, feeling particularly carefree.
Bubble football no accepted the rules of the game, the time and the number of people decide by contestants. Yao Zhibin suggestions according to site size determine the number, such as pitted against each other in indoor mini soccer field, the two sides can send three people, about eight to ten minutes each time. The rules of the game of football and probably the same, more winning goal, the focus is human “hit music”.
The air cushion body safety first
Athletes wearing inflatable bubble as protective cushion, built-in straps and handrails, the game will hold the handrail, in order to balance the body. Once knocked down, as long as the rotating bubble, face down, on the available knee balance, stand up again.
Of course, there are always a little dangerous impact motion. Jacky reminded the participants, the attack must not overdo sth., have to obey the instructions for the ball, avoid beside myself with joy. After all, football is entertainment entertainment bubble happy game.