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The Do’s and Don’ts of Playing the Bubble Soccer Game

Bubble soccer is a game that involves players covering their upper parts of the body with an inflated torus. Just like the normal football game, the game involves two teams, each having a maximum of five players, with options for substitutes. There are no goalkeepers in the game and the match takes a total of twelve minutes, with two minutes break allowed during the match. Given the vulnerability of equipment used, the following rules govern the match:
The Referee
The referee acts as the supervisor for the game and begins by inspecting players that they have the right equipment, before beginning the match. All players should be at their goal lines, before the onset of the match. Each time the referee blows the whistle, the play stops immediately. Even when the bubble soccer goes out of field of play, the whistle from the referee is the only command to stop the match. 
Gameplay Tackles
During the entire playing session, all players should be in their bubble soccer. To begin with, you should only tackle a player who is facing you. Knocking down any player who faces on the opposite direction is an offense. Secondly, when an opponent falls down, the game rules shields the opponents from bumping into them, or executing any form of kicking to a player who is down. This means that you can only tackle opponents who are standing and facing you.
Game Misconducts
In case you engage in a physical confrontation with any player during play, the offense is punishable with ejection from field, with no replacement. In addition, since the game involves playing with the upper parts of the body, any venture into opponents’ legs is an offense. All players are required to wear tennis-type of shoes during the game. Lastly, the equipment is fragile and players are prohibited from hitting on the opponents equipment, at any one time.
Scoring and Offside
Bubble soccer has no offside offense. A successful score comes when the ball goes across the goal line, just like in normal football.