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bubble ball is by far one of the exceptional twists that the familiar game of football has ever had

Without any doubt, a bubble ball is by far one of the exceptional twists that the familiar game of football has ever had. This is because it provides a suitable environment for everyone to play football. This is further because it requires no particular skill to play as long as you can walk. The twist is mainly based on wearing the bubble such that it encases the participant’s head downwards to the knees, including the arms. Nevertheless, the players are able to see clearly outside the bubbles courtesy of the transparent designs it constitutes. But before the bubble, players are advised to wear athlete’s T-shirt & short/trouser, knee pads, and shoes without cleats.
Apart from the wears, the other important requirement is the playing facility. A bubble ball can be played from indoor and outdoor facilities such as basketball courts, large auditoriums, sports arenas, recreation centers, football stadiums, gyms, backyards, and open fields. But most importantly; these the bubble should be used on relatively flat surfaces that are free of sticks, rocks, debris, glass, dirt, and obstacles that can interfere with the body of the bubble from outside. Thereafter, teams of at least 5 players each can face off to see who scores more to become victors. However, the number of players can vary considering the number of potential players available and the size of the field.
Speaking of potential, a bubble is only allowed for 11-year-olds and onwards. This implies that it can be used by adults and a few minors (11 to 17-year-olds) who should bear signed waiver agreements from their parents, permitting them to play with it. It is also recommended for those in the range of 4’8″ to 6’4″ and less than 240 lbs. Meanwhile, those without these requirements should first seek for permission from competent personnel with vast experience in bubble balls. This can also be through contacting us on this website, from which you can also make bookings to enjoy the pleasuring pushing, bumping, falling, and rolling on the ground without getting hurt.