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How to Prepare Yourself and Wear the Bubble Soccer Ball for a Game

Bubble soccer is not your ordinary soccer game. In fact, it is a different form of enjoyment which defies the common norm of playing the usual game of soccer. Here, players wear zorb-like balls, also known as bubble soccer balls while trying to score a goal against the opposing team. 
The bubble soccer ball has a hollow center where the player inserts himself before playing the game. Wearing the bubble soccer ball is easy and uncomplicated. 
1. Place your bubble ball into a wide and open space and check the entire equipment.
2. Inflate the ball using an air pump.
3. Lay down the ball into the ground, with the hollow center positioned parallel to the surface.
4. Climb inside the hole and make yourself comfortable.
5. Bubble balls are built with arm belts to ensure you don’t slide out while playing a game. Lock your arms and secure them by adjusting the straps depending on your convenience.
6. Hold the handle opposite your arm belts to control the ball’s movement.
7. Try to move yourself up to a standing position. 
8. And there you go, you can now play your bubble soccer game!
Although playing bubble soccer is fairly safe, it is highly recommended that you wear some kneepads, athletic shoes and a comfortable shirt during the game. Bubble soccer can be played as a recreational sport or even as a competition with an opposing team. 
To keep the balls in optimum condition, refrain from keeping sharp objects in your pockets. Also, it is recommended that you play the game with the team in an open space to allow more freedom of movement.
Overall, bubble soccer is an exciting game especially if you want something out of the ordinary. If you enjoy playing zorb or football with your friends, you will like bubble soccer as well – or even more!