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bubble soccer Canada hot sport 2018

This is an inflatable bubble soccer that is made of extraordinary plastic materials. These materials make it outstanding and extra safe to use. These materials are Thermoplastic Polyurethane commonly referred to as TPU and Polyvinyl Chloride also known as PVC. Also, these materials are constructed in transparent forms which allows light inside the tube. This tube/ball is only useful when worn on top of every player’s head. It is designed to cover up to the thighs or knees depending on the height of the player. After that, members from two opposing teams fight for the soccer ball to score and defend against the opponents.
In continuance; the game is more physical since it is what makes it so interesting. Players instantly bump into and knock one another to win the soccer ball. This usually makes them fall, rebound, and roll across the playing field. Nevertheless; the falling players do not get upset or injured, but instead, smile widely and laugh out loud. Players are also advised to REMOVE eyeglasses, sunglasses, hats, belts, watches, earrings, pins, bangles, phones and any other related accessories before wearing the bubble. This is intended to protect the ball from getting lacerated from inside, as it could lead to accidents.
Additionally; every player is advised to wear standard sportswear, knee pads, and shoes without cleats prior to wearing the bubble. And it should only be worn by those above 10 years of age, those free from claustrophobia, severe headaches & dizziness, nausea, heart attacks and asthma. It is further restricted from pregnant women as well as those under the influence of ALCOHOL & DRUGS. Minors should also bear signed waiver agreements from their respective parents or guardians, letting them play. And finally; a bubble ball is well suited for both indoor and outdoor fields that usually made of carpets, turf floors, gym surfaces, and grass. For any inquiries, reach us on this web.