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Bubble Soccer is a uniting kind of sport that is played while wearing a circular transparent inflatable bubble.

The Bubble Soccer encloses the head up to the thighs and knees, depending on your height. It is transparent so that you can see where you are going during the game. The sport involves kicking or playing a soccer ball with the intention of scoring against the opposing team. It also involves physical contact among players of opposing teams as they strive to knock themselves down. This creates paths to score while others (opponents) fall and rotate on the ground. The team with more goals at the final whistle is considered the winner.
Participants are actually more interested to get involved in physical contact so that they can experience the thrilling spins while inside the bubble. This is because it influences them to laugh themselves off to an extent of feeling some back pain. It allows participants to physically work out their bodies thus evacuating body wastes through sweat. This strengthens their bones, keeps them fit, relieves them of stress, improves blood circulation, and prepares them for a good night sleep. Therefore; when you play bubble soccer, you are assured of enjoying the game, be safe from harm, and most importantly improve your health.
To play this sport, you must be above 10 years old. If you are below 10 years old, you must have a waiver agreement signed by the parent or guardian, allowing you to play. This sport can be played both indoor and outdoor in venues like basketball courts, tennis courts, parks, and football playing fields. It can be played at weddings, birthday parties, school reunions, stag and hen parties, anniversaries, corporate events, promotion functions, festivals, etc. Furthermore, it can be played among family members, friends, workmates, peers, and teams participating in a tournament or league. Don’t enjoy alone, inform a friend to invite a friend.