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Bubble Soccer is for all, young and old alike.

The bubble soccer experience involves playing soccer while your upper body parts from the head to your thighs are wrapped inside an inflatable bubble ball. Your aim is to drive the soccer ball past your opponents aiming for a score. However, during the process of attacking to score and defending not to be scored, the players do come in contact with the bubble balls they are wearing. The contact causes bouncing off one other in opposite directions and rolling on the ground. Usually, it is 5 versus 5 team members with substitutes who are constantly rotated in and out as the game goes on. Typical of a normal soccer game.
Bubble Soccer is for all, young and old alike. The children are advised to play their age mates as it evenly balances the game in terms of power, energy, height, and vision. However, children aged 17 years and below to 11 years, have to bare signed waiver agreement by their parents or care takers for them to play.
To enjoy the bubble soccer experience, you don’t have to own a play ground to play from. You can rent or ask for permission to use an indoor or outdoor facility like a basketball court, tennis court, back yard, park, open fields free of dirt, and many other options at your disposal. This will give you an awesome work out with memorable and laughable experiences to look back on.
You haven’t yet decided on a gift to give that special someone? This is the perfect surprise to awaken the inner child in them, enable them to unwind, be silly and just let loose. Celebrate your engagement, anniversary, birthday or promotion with this bubble soccer. Choose from a variety of colors, designs and sizes available from our website and get it shipped or delivered right to your doorstep.