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Bubble soccer is so popular ?

Bubble soccer popular for years in a foreign football (Bubble Soccer) recently introduced in Hong Kong by Hong Kong people, the players put on a giant inflatable plastic bubbles, “big ball” kick the ball, apart from sports can also bring joy.

The campaign with the traditional football also need two sets of combat, scoring more wins, except that the bubble is no accepted rules of the game of football, time and number of discretion by the contestants, the process can enjoy broke opponent, knocked open like a football player would be to roll, and even rotate 360 ​​degrees on a rickety stadium, the focus is “butt for fun.”

Football single-handedly introduced the bubble in Hong Kong are young entrepreneurs cindy, he plans to Australia earlier this year through working holiday, had been fascinated by the initial contact activities. Yao Zhibin believes that Hong Kong people take life too seriously about all the friends to participate on a bubble football, doing sports can have more laughter, is a good way to relax.

Bubble football participants hit to hit to, in fact, difficult to injured hands after participants through the straps, hip bubble above partially surrounded most impact force will be absorbed, as long as the rotation after being knocked down face toward the bubble until next, you can balance the body to stand up with his knee.