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Let’s Go ! Play Bubble Football !

Football is a sport very popular all over the world, and held once every four years the World Cup, but also allow countries to the fans crazy. However, if you feel that football is not enough to stimulate interesting, try the “Bubble Soccer” (Bubble Football or Bubble Soccer), this fusion of football and Space Ball (Zorbing) of the new movement was born two years ago and since has spread in Europe and Australia.

Bubble football began as a two Norwegians thought out idea in 2011, they believe that football players if the game is fixed in space ball so transparent plastic ball, make the game more entertaining. In the country’s first television broadcast of this game, the video is uploaded to YouTube, I did not expect a surge of bubbles resulting wave swept across Europe football.
In recent years, bubble football matches throughout Europe, currently it has been sold or leased-line racing equipment to people who want to try.
In general football match score is quite difficult to do, but score in the game of football bubble is even more difficult, because the player’s upper body covered with an inflatable plastic bubble, his hands were locked in a fixed position, can not be used maintain body balance, it is difficult running and ball, and the body of the plastic bubble collision is likely to occur and others, however, this is what the sport interesting.
In the bubble football game, players sometimes collide with each other by bouncing the ball to stop the other, but rarely injured, because the plastic bubble will give players enough protection.
In addition to Europe, far away in the southern hemisphere, Australia also became popular this sport, but also held events in the country. Penrith City, New South Wales (Penrith), an official Tuckerman (Virginia Tuckerman), said the sport in addition to basketball, badminton or mainstream indoor sports like volleyball, provides another option.
She said that although the games people roll or flip, but not uncomfortable. In addition to the fun, it can also make people stay healthy, good for the heart, flexibility and coordination body.