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Get The Best Bubble Soccer Equipments

Bubble soccer is an amazing game mostly called bubble football in Europe and Loopy ball in German. The game itself is a cross between soccer and zorbing, a sport where an individual rolls down the side of a hill or sometimes a level surface in a giant plastic zorb. The plastic orb surrounds the player in bubble like way, leaving a space to allow leg movements and head space. Playing this game is so much fun and safe as long as you are using the right bubble soccer equipment.

What you need to play the bubble soccer

The equipment used to play the bubble soccer is made by Holley web inflatable equipments. You must have encountered them on TV or see them BBC Sport. They include the following; material 0.8mm PVC, non toxic, colorless, tasteless. Diameter 5 foot (1.5) in 4.16 foot (1.25), high quality D type hander. Color blue , high tensile strength, excellent abrasion resistance, outstanding flexibility which you can widely use for family backyard, transparent wrapping film which you can use in swimming pool, beach, water park, lake, river, shoaling water, advertising display. You just have to pick the perfect bubble soccer equipment. One which has the following features:

– Very durable

– Secure

– Easy and to use and handle

– You can get in various dimension

How to play the bubble soccer

– You only need to fix your hands inside the bubble, requiring them to maintain balance using just your legs.

– You then sacrifice your stability cause that is all what is needed, ensuring that the battle ball have leveled the playing field

– Since you will experience the leaping ability and stress the couches then ensures that you don’t steamroll on the sideways.

– The after you hear the whistle you fearlessly rush in to the center to find and kick a soccer ball through the about to be sweaty ball suit.

– Then as you play the ever increasing amount of sweat will eventually make a visibility an ongoing struggle since the exercise will be real and hence a sport.


You will realize that there is a lot of fun in bubble soccer more than football and even cheaper than hockey not forgetting it’s even bouncier than hockey. Bubble ball guarantees to make you spin bounce and burst with laughers like no other sport in history. However there are some precaution that you need to be very careful when you playing the game to avoid injuries. You need to turn your leg carefully or alternatively wear orb. Ensure you sacrifice your mobility.

Where to find soccer equipments

You can get the best and quality equipment and of your own choice in the national bubble soccer where you can also find a league, rent equipment. Also you can buy various high quality soccer bubble products from the global with a very big discount, inflatable buddy bumper ball, bubble soccer ball as trending hot products, you can also send requests and the equipment will be sent directly.

Just hold a bubble soccer sport and bash with your friends with this fun and amusing physical activity-think of it as bumper cars, dodge ball and soccer all at once! Safe for both children and adult, once you try it you will be a fun. And this should not be ruined by lack of good bubble soccer equipment.