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What is bubble Soccer?

What is bubble soccer?

Have you ever asked yourself the question, what is bubble soccer? Well, Bubble soccer or bubble soccer as most commonly referred in the U.S, is boisterously merry sport that can require a maximum of 14 players, encased in zorb like inflated balls and are supposed to bump into each other as they fight for possession of a soccer ball.


This new innovation which is the zorb inflated balls brings a whole new meaning to the realm of the ideal soccer game.


Initially the game was engendered in Norway by Henrik Evestad and Johann Golden, after which the game came popular and spread like wildfire to countries like the United Kingdom. It is here that working as asbestos surveyor; Lee Moseley pulled his own weight to propose the idea to investors. Finally he threw in the towel and decided to finance it himself.

Rules and regulations

The game applies standard soccer rules and the highlight of them is all, is that you have to be encased in the specially designed bubbles to play. The game is played on open soccer field or indoor halls with goalkeepers at both sides and an equal number of players. Furthermore there is a referee to ensure fair play is implemented.

Where can you get bubble soccer products?

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The site is constantly updated to ensure that you never miss out on any new bubble soccer products. The reputable site continues to lead and innovate in the business market with 7 years worth of experience. Moreover, the site offers you basic payment methods for easy, quick and safe transactions.

Benefit of bubble soccer

Some of the advantages and benefits might include:

– Requires physical activity which is good for the body.

– A good way to socialize.

– Earns a living-there exists official bubble soccer leagues.

– Has very few injuries compare to traditional soccer forms