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This refers to a large circular plastic ball that is used to play bubble soccer

It was invented by Henrik Elvestad and Johan Golden in Norway, 2011. It has since grown popular across the world, but more especially in Europe, Australia, America and Asia. This plastic ball is what makes bubble football a fantastic game to play as it is worn by every player irrespective of which team he or she represents. It is meant to cover the head, shoulders, arms, chest, stomach, buttocks, and thighs. After wearing it, players become ready to clash by knocking, jumping, pushing, and bumping into opponents while playing a soccer ball.
In furtherance; the clash usually causes opposing players to bounce off one another, after which they fall and roll on the ground. This kind of ignites them to smile widely and laugh abnormally. One may actually think that it is a laughing competition, as the whole atmosphere of the playing field is most times filled with noises of laughter. However, the greatest thing about this sport is that players do not get injured, thanks to the protection provided by the circular bubbles. Also, this sport can be played by any individual above 10 years old. But, minors should first seek permission from their parents/guardians.
A bubble ball is well suited for a range of surfaces which include grass, artificial turf, gym floors, and carpets. This means that it can be used during any time of the year irrespective of the weather. This is further because it can be played from indoor and outdoor playgrounds such as basketball courts, large auditoriums, soccer stadiums, open grassy fields, parks, etc. Using a bubble ball in bubble football is also beneficial as players extensively exercise their bodies and improve their mental and physical fitness. Bubble balls are available in various styles, sizes, and colors. And anyone can easily access them by contacting us on this website.