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A bubble ball is carried on top of every person’s head and shoulders when he or she is playing bubble soccer.

This type of soccer involves battling for a soccer ball while the player’s hands are tightened inside a relatively large bubble. This bubble is transparent which enables the player to see where he/she is stepping while playing. Its workmanship is perfect as it protects the player from any harm/injury since the game is extra physical and foul oriented. This bubble sport involves simultaneous falling, bouncing and rolling of players on the ground. This is indeed the finest moment of every player, as it makes them happier.
This sport nevertheless requires players to get rid of casual clothes, eyeglasses, sunglasses, watches, hats, belts, keys, phones, jewelry and any other objects on the body. They are further advised to wear standard sports attire (t-shirt & shorts or trousers), sports shoes without cleats, knee pads and a helmet. This is intended to prevent lacerating the bubble from the inside, which would otherwise deflate the ball suddenly and result in accidents. And to prevent puncturing it from outside; the playing grounds should be inspected and maintained clean with no sticks, rocks, shells, dirt, glass, substances, and any other related objects. Furthermore, the substances can interfere with visibility of the participant when they get in contact with the bubble surface.
For this bubble sport to be entertaining, it is recommended for at least 5 players per team. Nonetheless, the number can be higher or lower depending on the size of the field and the players available. For instance, children can play in larger numbers on a relatively small field while adults can play fewer on the same field. Furthermore, children should preferably play against fellow children with relatively similar size and energy. However, it can only be played by those aged 11 years old and above. Also, all those below 18 should have signed waiver agreements from parents/guardians permitting them to play.